Ship Ahoy!

The friday before last, one of my good friends in my German class (Bekir) surprised with this miniature model ship. It took him a week or so to make, three hours a day. He actually started making model ships/boats just a few months back - I'm impressed at his talent! To give you an idea of how big (or more correctly, small) this model is, the height of the ship is exactly 15 cm. The two hemispheric-shaped parts under the ship are actually walnut shells, hehe! The Brunei flag is a print, he tried to draw it himself but it was too difficult because of its small size.

He also made one for himself and another for our other friend, Wojtek. He's also working on a bigger model ship for his wife. It's amazing how patient he is with this hobby. The ship he made for me actually fell and broke into many pieces the night before he gave it to me. If it was me, I'd have given up already, haha! ;D Anyway, I want to say again to Bekir:


I'll think of something soon as a thank-you gift!

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