Poll: Which genre(s) of book/film do you like?

Oooh, I've discovered a poll option!!! So I'm going to try it out! The question is as you see above and the poll can be found somewhere on the sidebar. It's set for a week - after that, I'll post the results here! Looking forward to your participation! ;D

ps: I discovered a slight glitch, when trying to change votes. So pick your answers (you can choose more than one answer when voting!) carefully before making the final vote, you only get ONE chance!

update (13/10/2007 - hari raya!)
so the results are as follows:
  • thriller - 3 votes
  • sci-fi - 2 votes
  • comedy - 2 votes
  • romance - 2 votes
  • fantasy - 1 vote
  • non-fiction - 1 vote
  • cult - 1 vote
  • horror - 0 votes

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