Music: more German songs (Ich + Ich, Rosenstolz, Die Aerzte)

Just wanted to share a few more cool music from Germany. Coincidentally, all the following bands are in Berlin - we're just so cool, haha! ;D Just kidding! Anyway, the first song was recommended again by Maarten. It's called "Vom selben Stern" ("Of the same star") by a band called "Ich + Ich" (I + I). The video reminds me of Michael Jackson's "Black & White" video, but this is much more fun, and the same goes for the song! :D

While searching the interweb for the first song, I came across the next video since the title of the song was very similar to the name of the above band. The song is called "Ich bin ich" ("I am I" or "I am me") by "Rosenstolz" (I think this stands for "Rose Pride"). A really nice song, this is!

Finally, the last song is one that I heard while listening to my favourite radio station called "StarFM", a rock music channel! It's called "Junge" ("Boy", in this context, but it could also mean "Young") by a long-standing German punk rock band, "Die Aerzte" ("The Doctors"). This song is currently No. 1 in the German rock charts. The video below is just of the lyrics, since it's been censored for being too gruesome and explicit - just think of "Shawn of the Dead" but without the humour, hehe. Anyway, the song's really cool! Enjoy! :D

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