Weekly Goals: Week 41 [2008]

60% - Not bad, not bad... it's getting there! Anyway, my weekly goals for Week 41 are:

  • Monday: Yoga class (VDA)
  • Tuesday: Yoga (VDA)
  • Thursday: Yoga (at home) [X]
  • Saturday: Yoga (at home) [X]
  • Blog: clean up posting backlog [X]
  • Art: finish fanarts for Aesthetic Tribute for April 2008 [X] & Aug 2008 [X]
  • Website: update ari-rin.com [X]; update deviantART site [X]
  • Social activities: meet June for lunch; meet up with Meela; Hari Raya celebration at work; lunch/dinner with Pinah and Ka Jamie [X]; visit Linda and her new baby [X]
  • Accessories: send material to the tailor
  • Shopping: yoga blocks
  • Domestic chores: organise computer area [X]; organise bedroom [X]; clean bedroom [X]; pick up drycleaning
  • Anime list: Nodame Cantabile (episodes 9-23) [X]; TRC Tokyo Revelations (complete) [X]; Amatsuki (complete) [X]
"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."

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