The working life...

So I'm now well into the third week at work (though the "first week" was a joke, since I only "worked" for one day before going on a 4-day weekend for Hari Raya, haha!). It's been good so far but also rather tough, lots to learn but so little time (so what else is new?!). Anyway, just wanted to post a few photos of me and my WONDERFUL (NOT! haha!) new collegues AND friends, Irra and Jay. Oh yeah, during my interviews and so-called first day of work, I was wearing the headscarf (see first photo), just to be on the safe side. As you can see, the moment I found out that it's not a requirement, off with the tudong, haha! ;p

And here are Irra and Jay a.k.a. Firdaus (isn't that a cute photo of Jay, hehe). Irra's sharing an office with me, and she started working the same time as me. There's also Nani but she's working on the ground floor - I don't have a photo yet! Jay's been in the company a while, though it doesn't show, hahaha! >;D Anyway, he has an office of his own, but it's ok, I bet he's lonely, hehe. So hope this working life remains smooth-going, satisfying and fun - Amin!

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."

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