A new love...

Haha... hold your horses, because it's not about a guy, and neither is it about a girl (but I bet you all'd just love to get your hands on that kind of gossip, haha!)... It's about YOGA, Hatha yoga to be exact, which focusses mainly on Vinyasa! (and everyone sighs collectively in disappointment... except perhaps Rabz, hehe!) Anyway, if you've been keeping track of my weekly goals, you'd have known that I've been going to yoga classes since early July, and now that's all the exercise I've been doing. It's the one kind of exercise that is able to help with my lower back problems and general joint aches, thumbs up to alternative medicine, hehe! And thanks to my brilliant yoga teacher, William! XD

Right, the real reason for my finally blogging about this new love... well, this morning when I decided to drag myself to the yoga class in Mata-Mata after only 4 hours sleep, I didn't expect a miracle to happen... after less than 3 months of doing yoga, I am now able to sustain a head stand on my own... well, almost, the mirrored wall is there behind me just in case, hehe... but I managed to keep my body from it in the head stand position... Unfortunately, due to fasting and sheer exhaustion, I was only able to sustain it for several seconds, but that's good enough for now... I can't wait to see how I'd do once Ramadhan is over! :D So extremely thrilled at my new skill! Let's hope I can keep up with this new advancement... fingers crossed!

Note: Image was taken from White Lotus Yoga.

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."

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