Sirsasana in action!

Hehe, thought the shrinking effect looked cool... XD Anyway, my cousin Nurul (a.k.a. misery) was over for Chemistry tuition this afternoon and she wanted to see me do the head stand (Sirsasana). I took the opportunity to ask her to take a photo (it's hard to do that when I'm in a yoga class, hehe!) with my phone because my digital camera wasn't charged - dammit! The last time I did a headstand was on Friday (see previous post) so it was a bit touch and go today, hehe... I need more practice! But I managed to keep myself upright and away from the mirror/cupboard... I still think my shoulders are not as spread out as they should be and my arms are too far apart. It's tough when William's not around to tell you off, haha! So ta-da... behold my headstand! XD Special thanks to Nurul for her help! Domou!

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."


Eoin said...



dr.rin said...

Haha, thanks, eoin-chan! If you told me three months ago that I would be able to do a headstand, I wouldn't have believed you! XD

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Rozi said...

woah.... gotta get back into yoga class... i wana do that too!

dr.rin said...

@Meela: thank-you! :)

@Rozi: come and try william's intermediate/advanced classes one of these days... I got to do a new pose today! woo hoo!