Aesthetic Tribute: July & August 2007

So despite what happened, I managed to find a few hours here and there to do some manga fanart for a monthly online exhibition (called Aesthetic Tribute) held by the forum I'm involved with. Each month, some manga characters are chosen and two choices of themes are given. I've posted previously my June 2007 fanart so here are those for July and August respectively. Hope you like them! :D

Fanart title: "Ren no sakura no emi"
Fanart character: Tsuruga Ren (Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki)
Theme: "Sakura Smile"
Media used: drawn with pencil; cleaned by CG
Comments: The title of the drawing means "Ren's sakura smile" in Japanese... I think, haha! Anyway, I had this image of him teasingly hiding his rare smile with something sakura-related. I didn't think I could pull off drawing a branch of sakura blossoms, but somehow, I managed to! Really happy with the outcome. Isn't Ren so bishie? [sigh]

Fanart characters: Sawada Shin (Gokusen by Morimoto Kozueko) and Mogami Kyouko (Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki)
Theme: "Unrequited Love"
Fanart title: "Gomen nasai"
Media used: drawn with pencil; cleaned by CG
Comments: The fanart title stands for "I'm sorry" in Japanese (written in hiragana in the middle) and I think it basically says it all, haha. In this scene, Shin is the one suffering unrequited love (Poor Shin!). Kyouko, being cynical about love, rejects him, but feels somewhat unhappy about having to hurt him. The ring on the chain? I guess it's like exchanging school rings between a couple. Anyway, my favourite part to draw was actually Shin's hair (so cool!)!

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