Home Sweet Home?

As you know, I was not in the best of health during my holidays back in Brunei - yeah, such bad luck! I didn't get to do the things I wanted and meet the people I wanted. Of the friends that I usually make a point to meet (you know who you are!) when back home, I actually only managed to see two friends (Meela & June)! Completely my fault, really - when I'm sick, I don't make much of an effort and it doesn't help when I lack transportation means (as a rule, I drive only manual cars, haha!). I didn't even get to see Naeda's new baby girl (by the way, "TAHNIAH" again!!!), was afraid of spreading my terrible cold to the baby, they're so susceptible to such things! Anyway, let me say "A THOUSAND APOLOGIES!!!" to the friends and family I didn't get to meet on my last trip home! I promise, I'll make it up to you next time I'm back!

Anyway, initially I was meant to look for a job in Brunei, but now, I'm thinking twice about it - why? Because I don't think I'll be able to adapt to life there, it's scary, been away so long! O.o Haha, I'm a coward. Things are so different there to what I remembered it to be - at times, I'm not even sure of the proper social etiquette! If not for my family and friends, I think I would not come back, so despite my "fear", I will return to Brunei one day, have no worries! Just not sure when, for the moment, I'm actually pretty content staying in Berlin, learning German. Most likely, I'll be back in Brunei on a permanent basis in several months' time, but can't be definite. Anyway, everyone keeps telling me to take my time, enjoy the break after the Ph.D. - I guess I'll follow their advice for now. One step at a time, cross the bridge when I get to it, etc. etc. etc. So thanks, everyone, for your endless support! :D I'll always remember it!

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