I feel special!

For the first time in my life, I flew first-class. It was on our return flight from Singapore to Frankfurt late August! We flew Singapore Airlines (SIA), one of the best airlines in the world (god, that sounds like a Carlsberg ad!), in my opinion - so first-class on their flights are jaw-droppingly amazing! *.* Anyway, I promised people I'd take photos (though I did feel a little "sakai" doing it, haha!).

Photo #1 - My mum and dad at their seats - gives you an idea of the width of each seat. There are only 4 seats in one row (I had the window seat all to myself, haha!) and 2 rows in the whole first-class section.

Photo #2 - That's the entertainment system - huge, isn't it! Not only do you get the usual programs like movies, music and games, but you also get word processing programs on it (for business people, I guess). Of course, they do become faulty, whatever class you're in, but SIA has a policy of compensating ppl with duty-free vouchers, niccccee!

Photo #3 and #4 - These show the amount of storage space each seat provides as well as the huge leg-room. The whole seat can be made up into a bed, I slept so well, I missed my dinner! :(

I tell you, it's tough to go back to flying economy after experiencing first-class! Alas, since I'm not rich (yet, haha!), I doubt I'll be flying first-class for a long while! [sigh]


Scrapper-holic said...

Oh my oh my the pictures are mouth-watering. I would so love to sit in 1st class. Esp on long journeys!!

dr.rin (a.k.a. little.lin) said...

If I ever become rich (it might happen, haha!), I'll treat you, Calvin and the kids to first-class flights! ;D

Scrapper-holic said...

Oh you're sooooo on my friend!!! We'll come visit you where ever you are in the world!! Teehee!!