Movie: The Golden Compass

Okay, I'm chatting to June at the moment on gmail when the topic of movies came up - one of the films I'm dying to watch is "The Golden Compass", out on 7th December 2007! Anyway, on the official website (you can view it here), there's a quiz under the Daemons section, where you can find out what your daemon is - so June and I decided to do the test. Hehe, I was a little disappointed with mine - why? Because it's a dog - a DOG, of all things - an animal which I can't touch but don't actually dislike. So I shall be open-minded about this, and post it on my blog. The code actually gives an interactive display which allows people I know a chance to see if the personality of this Whippet daemon (named Cleon) is like mine - if you have time, why don't you give me your input (and June too - she posted hers on her blog!) and also, do the test so you can figure out what daemon is yours! Vielen Dank!

ps: when people start adding their input, the daemon may keep changing - this goes on for 12 days and then, the final daemon form will be decided on! I'm so much happier with my wolf form - that's the second form my daemon has morphed into. I wonder what my daemon will end up as!

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