Jaysus! O.o

Has it been over a month since my last post?! I had intended to blog on a regular basis over the holidays, but unfortunately, it was not meant to be due to unforseen circumstances! Let's see, firstly, I hurt my back in Singapore (I should really be careful carrying heavy bags!), then caught a terrible cold in New Zealand (with fever and non-stop coughing, ugh! It lasted weeks!), excruciatingly slow internet connection in Brunei (Simpur is crap!) and finally, German language tests (inLingua did not tell me about these!) now that I'm back in Germany! The tests won't be over till next week - I have another one on Monday! O.o They're not too bad, though.

Since I feel like a change after all that, I decided to do so by putting up a new colour scheme on my blog with the same design. Hope you like it! :) Anyway, I can't write much now, so here's my blog backlog list (yet again!):
  • Holidays in Brunei
  • Holidays in New Zealand (with photos)
  • Asthetic Tribute fanarts
  • Anime/Manga (hehe, I did warn you!)
  • Visit to Bavaria and Austria (with photos)
  • Friends' visit to Germany (with photos)
  • "Wir sind Helden" (German alternative music band)
Well, that's all I can think of! Really got to go now! Oh yeah, almost forgot:


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