Will 2008 be a good year?

Or is the more appropriate question "Will I be good this year?", haha! Anyway, this is the usual ritual of making a list of new year's resolutions! Since I've only managed to achieve 43% of 2007's resolutions, some of the ones below may be familiar, hehe. So here goes!
  1. Get a job (yes, it seems I'm still on holidays, haha!)
  2. Get fit and eat healthily (target weight must be reached by next birthday in July!)
  3. Brush up on at least one of my known languages (Malay, German, Japanese, French)
  4. Do more coloured illustrations
  5. Draw at least one manga
  6. Keep my websites up-to-date and learn CSS
  7. Keep up with current affairs and history
  8. Establish a good work routine (basically, no procrastinating!)
  9. Do a part-time art course
  10. Save money (be thrifty!)
As you can see, this is almost half of what I listed last year. I've learnt my lesson and accepted that less is good and more achievable, hehe. Let's see how I'll do in the new year. Wish me luck! ;D

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