Reflections: My first post for 2008!

A bit late in the day but who cares! I was reading Meela's first 2008 post - she was listening to Brunei radio, and one thing the DJs talked about was listing 5 things you're grateful for which happened in the previous year. Meela did exactly that, and now I will follow suit. A nice way to start the new year and hope it'll make one more optimistic about the future.

The 5 things I'm grateful for in 2007 are as follows:
  1. All 4 members of my immediate family were together for a significant period of time TWICE in 2007!
  2. I managed to keep in regular contact with my family and friends, and also made new friends and discovered new relatives, haha.
  3. I finally completed my Ph.D. in Chemistry (I didn't think it would ever end!) and graduated in November 2007.
  4. I learnt a new language (German).
  5. I visited a new country (New Zealand).
  6. I started drawing again.
Okay, that's more than 5 but I just had to add the last line, hehe. Anyway, I agree that this is a good way to reflect over one's life in general. And even if you don't have many things to be grateful for in 2007, don't let that deter you - you should try to aim for better things to happen in the future instead. I always believed that perseverance is the key! :D


Anonymous said...

I found your blog.
One of the boy band members here. Guess?
Happy New Year

dr.rin (a.k.a. little.lin) said...

hmmmm, is it mr. freeloader? haha! ;D it's the "Hehehe", you know. anyway, happy new year to you too!

Scrapper-holic said...

oh what a good post. I think i heard that radio piece as well. I tried thinking of 5 too but didnt really get past 2 or 3 only.

Hey did u say you want a cd plaque too? No problem. Just tell me what colours u like!! and what theme.

dr.rin (a.k.a. little.lin) said...

actually, i was talking about wanting a studio. but I would love a CD plaque! i need to think about what theme i'd like first! thank-you so much, ads!!! :D