A weekend of kawaiiness!

The last weekend of my last visit to Dublin, I went over to Christinah's and Andy's new abode in Naas - a huge house, lots of room inside and out, I love the attic despite all the little (spooky) doors around it, haha. Anyway, that was on the Friday. My goddaughter, Erika, decided to do a little cosplay for her most favourite godmother, ahem, ahem! ;D Can you guess the fairytale character? It so does suit her! :D Really cute!

On Sunday, I met up with them again, along with Chris' cousin and friend. It was Chris' birthday so we went to Yamamori Sushi on the quays and then Butlers Chocolate Cafe for a bit of post-dessert.

Who's this? Why, it's Chris' and Andy's son, Aaron! He's becoming cuter everyday, and he's got the funniest little laugh and the most adorable smile - when he's not grumpy, that is, hehe. Finally, more photos from the restaurant!

[my favourite photo]

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