Quick update!

So last Friday, I flew to Dublin and now it's my second last day here - as the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun! ;D It was hectic, though. On the day I arrived, I went to Clonmel with Stella and Gemma for the weekend - I know, more travelling! O.o We had hair and makeup trials to do for Stella's wedding in March. The trip was fun, but I was wrecked! Back in Dublin, it was still busy, busy, busy - lots of things to do, lots of friends to see! I managed to meet up with all my friends, bar one - I really have to make it up to her, will hopefully meet her in February when I'm back in Dublin again for Stella's hen night - should be fun!!! :D Right, I think I'll stop here - sooo tired!!! I need to catch up on my beauty sleep - NOT, haha! Later! xxx

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Elena said...

Hey Lin, It was great to see you! Hopefully we'll meet again in February! (btw have dates already, i´ll be there on the week of the 18th...any luck?