Singapore Shopping Spree!

Online at my hotel room in Singapore! Very swish, hehe! Anyway, I arrived in Singapore just after 6 am this morning, surprisingly not too jetlagged. It's one of the advantages of flying Business Class, haha (yes, I'm rubbing it in! ;p)! Anyway, the temperature in Singapore upon arrival was 26 deg C, which was lower than in Berlin, but I found it felt hotter in Singapore, could be the high humidity! :(

Anyway, intention in Singapore? Shopping, of course! Main attraction? Kinokuniya, haha! The biggest and bestest (I know, this is grammatically incorrect! ;p) bookstore in the whole entire universe (I think this could be erroneous, too, haha!). But anyway... I did most of my shopping in Kinokuniya, bought several manga, a book for Aniki, something cool for Rozi (not telling her. It's small but cool!), a recipe book for Aunty Linda (I wonder if I could bribe her to make me a cake with this... haha!) and something to read up on for a possible interview. Then I went upstairs to Art Friends (became a member for 10 SGD - I get 10% discount on all products!) and indulged myself by buying a 72-piece set of Copic Ciao markers! What an extravagance... but who knows when I'll be back in Singapore, so best to plan ahead, right?

I then had an early dinner at Sushi Tei in Takashimaya - wonderful! But not before I got some green tea ice cream and a cream cheese steamed cake! Then off to Far East Plaza beside my hotel to visit a small bookstore - got my romance fix, haha. And I also found something cool for Aniki (I hope it's cool... fingers crossed!). All in all, a VERY productive trip! XD

Right, time to say Tschuss! Bis Morgen, Brunei!!! xxx

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."

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