Weekly Goals: Week 23 [2008]

Woo hoo, less than 3 days before my flight back to Brunei!!! Ureshii desu ne! XD What's more, I'm stopping over in Singapore - Kinokuniya, here I come! Anyway, here are my goals for Week 23:

  • Sunday: 1 hr treadmill, 8-10 mins rowing machine [X]
  • Website: update ari-rin.com [X]; update deviantART site [X]; design haslin.net [X]; post Stella's & Dermot's wedding photos on the wedding site; post details for Aesthetic Tribute May/June 2008
  • Travel: confirm ticket
  • Fax: letters regarding change of address (BOI & Cardif Pinnacle)
  • Domestic chores: tidy clean bedroom & ensuite bathroom; pack for Brunei
  • Reading list: Neil Gaiman's "Stardust" (fantasy) [the book is good but the movie is more entertaining!]; documents on Health, Safety & Environment (factual) [X]
Hope I get most of it done! ;D Ja ne!

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."

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