Feature Article [+Photos]: Bruneian Boy Band - Berlin Break

Bruneian Boy Band (a.k.a. Triple B) is an up-and-coming pop group of 6 university students hailing from Brunei, who won the hearts of many female fans in North-West England and East Midlands and more recently those in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Their debut single titled "Bruneian Blues" was released last summer and was at No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart for 7 weeks and stayed in the top 10 for another 8 weeks, thus establishing them in the international entertainment scene. Last Christmas, after the release of their debut album "Boys Behaving Badly", Triple B went on their first international tour in Europe, starting from Amsterdam, going onto Brussels and finally in Berlin. This feature article will take a close look at the group members and concentrate mainly on their schedule in the final destination of their tour.

Triple B Group Members

B Bisai
Name: Ali Yuud
Location: University of Liverpool, UK
Traits: polite (most of the time, haha!), bisai
(hence the nickname!), pemalu (not!), stylish

B Ginger
Name: Jerry
Location: University of Loughborough, UK
Traits: fun-loving, energetic, spontaneous, a little crazy
(similar traits as another Ginger, hehe! nama pun sama!)

B Scary
Name: Hamzah
Location: University of Manchester, UK
Traits: freeloader (in a cute way!), able to achieve
mild faci
al distortions (ewwww!), gila berabis, kuat makan

B Posh
Name: Chung Peng
Location: University of Manchester, UK
Traits: fashionable, always meticulous, gentlemanly
(hmmm, macam dandy saja - haha, sorry, kidding, kidding! ;D)

B Sporty
Name: Shafie
Location: University of Manchester, UK
Traits: athletic (from what it is seen on most of his
facebook profile photos, haha!),
good-mannered, stylish jua

B Baby

Name: Hafiz
Location: University of Manchester, UK
Traits: youngest member, pediam (or so it seems!),
trigger-happy (with the camera, of course - subjects
of photos will not be disclosed, haha! joking! ;p)

Photoshoots in Berlin

Preparations for Triple B Berlin Concert

Random Photos around Berlin
(with Berlin manager, dr.rin)

Auf Wiedersehen, Berlin!

Disclaimer: This article is for non-commercial purposes only and is meant as a spoof (i.e. something fun!). Any similarities to persons (living or dead) and events (past, present or future) may not be purely coincidental but please forgive me, hehe! XD

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