Photos: Aniki no otanjoubi

I was back in Brunei around the Easter holidays, so I actually managed to celebrate my aniki's (aniki = older brother) 35th birthday with him this year! It's been a while, the last time I remembered being around for his birthday was when he was still studying in Dublin and that's over 5 years ago! So I'm happy I was able to make this birthday! :D

Anyway, the party was held in the Red Canopy Cafe, our usual haunt. It was organised by yours truly and Aniki's girlfriend, Rozi! The "Superman" birthday cake was ordered from Baker Lyn (where else, hehe!) and other desserts were ordered from Aunt Linda who's a pro at making Western style cakes and desserts (Anyone interested in ordering cakes, let me know! ;D Hehe!). Anyway, the party was meant to be a surprise, but come on, who could surprise Aniki! He's as sharp as a needle! The party was a hit, I think everyone had a great time! Here are several random photos from the event:

However, the person who enjoyed it the most was Aniki! Lucky so-and-so, look at the numerous cool presents he received! So jealous!

By the way, the 7 in the last photo stands for the date of his birthday: 7th April. Right so, that's it about the party. Anyone who wants the original photos, drop me a line! :D

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