Photos: First day in Frankfurt!

Yayyy, I have interweb access in the hotel room in Frankfurt, and damn fast connection too! XD Anyway, felt like blogging so instead of doing a huge post about this trip, I'll do so in sections, so here's a recap of today's events!

We left Berlin at 9.30 am, though Dad said we were meant to leave at 9 am sharp. I actually was ready on the dot (though it caused me to forget to bring my camera! Hence, photos taken on this trip will not be of great quality since I'm using Dad's 2 Megapixel camera phone!) but the parents were dragging their feet! :p The drive from Berlin to Frankfurt took almost 8 hours! O.O It's not meant to take THAT long! [sigh] We had to make an important stop as well as an important detour... well, important in my parents' eyes, anyway, haha! Let me explain...

First important stop was in the form of... well, what is something Bruneians always think of... that's right, FOOD! XD My parents, especially my dear mother, are in love with this pastry called "Apfeltasche", literally translated as "apple bag", I think! They kind of look like little triangular bags, hehe. Extremely yummy when fresh! Anyway, Mum kept going on and on about it, even went on to say that the ones you get on the way to Austria were even better! I bet you she'd drive to Austria not to see the place but to get these pastries, haha! XD Hehe, doesn't my mum look so happy with her Apfeltasche!

Okay, that next important detour has to do with... what else, FOOD! Seriously! When we met the Bruneian students in Germany a few years back, it was in Mannheim, where my parents discovered a Turkish restaurant called Istanbul (unique name, isn't it... NOT!). They love the place sooo much, they would take a 2-hour detour from their destination just to go there! Not joking! So when they knew that it wasn't too far from Frankfurt by car, they decided once again to make that detour, arrggggh! However, they were a little disappointed this time, it seems the food was no longer as good as before. Ah well, I think that'll stop their little detouring habit, hehe! ;p

Well, not much else happened today. Oh wait, two things worth mentioning, but I might not mention one of them in this post because it's far too disgusting! Thinking about it just makes me want to gag! Anyway, the other thing was that the extra bed (for me!) that was meant to be placed in the living room of my parents' suite - reservations thought the daughter (i.e. yours truly) happened to be less than a year old, hehe. You can imagine the bed they set up for us, haha! XD Anyway, that's it for today's adventure! Will update again hopefully tomorrow! Gute Nacht!

Please note: Learning German has definitely caused problems in my English grammar! I've changed three errors so far, of which I will not mention in order to save me from the embarrassment, haha!

Second note: I just made AND fixed a grammatical error in my first memo! XD The situation's far worse than I thought!!!

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."


liebe bibi said...

cute auntie atu.. i'd look out for those apple bag when i go to austria then hehe

ya i realised that you actually say "schtop!!" instead of "stop" hehe

dr.rin said...

hehe, and then you could tell me what you think of them. i'm flying to brunei next week, so i won't be able to go down to vienna with my parents in June! :(

eh, now u made me paranoid, and I'm watching my pronounciation, haha! SCHTOP IT! XD