Special Report: The Süper Awesome Team!

We break this regular stream of blog posts to bring you a special report. On 13th April 2008, a group of 5 Bruneian students from London and Kent arrived in the German capital of Berlin. But little did they know that their contact with German soil was going to have certain strange consequences - the appearance of extraordinary abilities, a phenomenon never seen before until I, dr.rin, came upon this group.

I had secretly tailed this group from day one, my research skills working overtime. However, one of them had developed extrasensory perceptive capabilities and was able to detect my presence, catching me on camera. Fortunately, these students were good people, and when I explained to them regarding this phenomenon, they requested my help in determining how "süper awesome" (this term was coined by the leader of the group, "Mr Süper Awesome") their abilities were. And so, during the five days they were in Berlin, I followed their every action, taking notes of any changes that was out of the ordinary. I will now report my findings.

Location: Kent
Süper Awesome Abilities: multiple personalities, süper awesome hair, power of invisibility, süper awesome karaoke voice (but not as süper awesome as mine!), extraordinary blogging skills

multiple personalities - emo Ali, metro Ali and football hooligan Ali

power of invisibility

extraordinary blogging skills

Location: Kent
Süper Awesome Abilities: flying ability, super strength, perfect imitating skills, shape shifting (e.g. into a lion), master of disguise, ability to go through walls

flying ability

super strength

perfect imitating skills

shape shifting

master of disguise

ability to go through walls

Location: Kent
Süper Awesome Abilities: flying ability, super contagious wackiness, super sympathetic emotions (even to non-living beings!), animal pacification, master of surprise, power of invisibility

flying ability

super contagious wackiness

super sympathetic emotions

animal pacification

master of surprise

power of invisibility

Location: London
Süper Awesome Abilities: flying ability, extrasensory perception (ESP), extraordinary sense of balance, shape shifting (e.g. into a lion), master of surprise

flying ability

extrasensory perception (ESP)

extraordinary sense of balance

shape shifting

Location: London
Süper Awesome Abilities: flying ability, super strength, super hair-styling skills, super fast metabolic rate (i.e. able to eat a lot with no change to weight!)

flying ability

super strength

super hair-styling skills

super fast metabolic rate

The above detailed the various abilities developed by the students. I also discovered that coffee and Giotto chocolate enhanced their süper awesome abilities 100-fold!

There were also a few instances where these superbeings were in grave danger. Once, three of them were trapped in a transdimensional time loop and found themselves attacked by the same gigantic poisonous spider at the same instance.

Ali also was in a fix. The süper awesome abilities became unstable and caused pyschological changes in his friends and even I was affected - Ali was suddenly attacked, but fortunately, being so süper awesome, he was able to deflect the attacks and reverse the psychological changes and power instability.

It was finally concluded that their süper awesome abilities were permanent and as a result, the group decided to use their powers to battle evil and uphold the peace. They call themselves:


My parents and I decided to be a support crew for these brave individuals and even Batman showed his support by hugging Deadly Dibster!

The journey of this group's self-discovery was long and tiresome. Fortunately, they were able to get several periods of respite and pursued their original objective of enjoying Berlin! Go Go Go Süper Awesome Team!!!


zz said...


i do have super awesome balancing skills indeed ;)


ali punya calieee! and adib imitation! and kaka rabz contagious wackiness! and huda's metabolic rate!

haha semua lah! ai gila ilang stressku buat maths :P

dr.rin said...

@zz: hehe, i'm glad you like it! One of my best works, I think! XD I'll probably have writer's block again for a while! ;p

Be'ah said...

brilliant post ka! aii gila worth the wait! i wudnt be able to come up with this and we all have the same pictures!

dr.rin said...

@be'ah: haha, like i said, i aim to please. gila, i'm suffering from repetitive strain injury from all the blogging! At least, my posting backlog is finally gone! XD

Ali Amani said...

hahaha omg ka, amazing post. More amazing than all of my posts combined :P tapi inda hilang stress ku for 2moros exam. Hahahahah. Ka you really picked the best photos of me jua :P sexy ehhhh

dr.rin said...

@ali amani: well, i didn't put the best photo of all - one of your super awesome hairstyle, haha! can i? can i??? pleaaaassseee! ;p bah, hope your exams go well!

Muhammad Adib Hashim said...

Wah! Nobel prize for journalism ni ka! Bangga Brunei ni! I wish I was stressed coz that made my day! :)

dr.rin said...

@Adib: awww, you're making me blush! and don't say pasal inda stressed, some of the super awesome ppl masih exam, haha! ;p

dr.rin said...

@everyone: Hey thanks for all the nice comments! I'm feeling more motivated to work on getting my manga started! XD