New links added!

A quick post to let people know that I've added some new links to the left sidebar. They are as follows:

watashi.no.tomodachi (my.friends):
  • cells (Meela's cousin, Selina's blog)
  • suntied (Santie's multiply)
  • jus (Justina's multiply)
  • ranoadidas (Am I behind the times or what?!)
  • one.manga (A popular site for manga online reading - very up-to-date!)
  • baka.manga.updates (Totally useful for updates on manga scanlations releases - required for manga addicts!)
  • the.brunei.times (I like the format of this Bruneian news site, macam BBC News saja!)
  • the.daily.plate (A useful site for counting calories - for fitness buffs, hehe!)
Okay, enjoy! XD

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