Photos: Lin in Linz!

On the second last day in Bonn, we all went for a drive to Linz am Rhein (hehe, love the name of this village - can you guess why? ;p). By the way, this should not be mistaken for Linz in Austria! Before reaching Linz, we passed by the remains of the Ludendorff Bridge (a.k.a. Bridge of Remagen), which was of significance during World War II. The bridge was taken over by the Allied Forces since it was of strategic advantage, but several days after its capture, the bridge collapsed!

Anyway, Linz is really pretty, though I can't imagine living there - it's too small! XD I don't mind small cities, but small villages and towns are a bit too much for me to handle, haha! Anyway, my favourite part of Linz were the two armours of different sizes! The small one is sooo cute, hehe! Right, that's it about my trip! Now I should really get back to packing and whatnot! Bis spaeter!

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."

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