Photos: Bibi in Berlin!

It actually should say "Bibi & Leha in Berlin!", since Leha came over for the weekend while Bibi was here. However, as I mentioned before, I wanted the first letter of the words to be the same! Haha, I know, silly, isn't it. I got to visit several new places such as the Guggenheim Museum in Berlin (Are you jealous, Rozi?), the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem, the Turkish Mosque and a part of Tiergarten (a large park in Berlin) that allows interesting activities - hehe, think "au naturale" (no photos, unfortunately, haha!)! XD Anyway, since there is a huge amount of photos, they're going to be posted as collages yet again. Bibi, if you want any of the photos from the last day, msg me, k!

Day 1: The weather was amazing on the first day Bibi arrived in Berlin, so we decided to take a walk through Tiergarten and visit the Berlin Victory Column (I call it "The Angel") at the "Grosser Stern" (auf Englisch, "Big Star"). Strolling through the park that time was certainly an eye-opener for both of us as we came across a couple of people lying on the grass (not together, mind you!), catching some rays. Can you the guess their state of attire? Or let me rephrase that, their state of "non-attire", hahaha! XD

Day 2: The weather wasn't as good as the other day but it was still nice, so headed to Sans Souci in Potsdam! I've been here lots of times with other visitors, but this time, I saw something new. I always bring people towards to the Chinese Tea House and the New Palace after seeing Schloss Sans Souci, so by the time we return, everyone's too tired to head to the opposite end. So we always end up missing the church, which I found out that day to be extremely cool, though a little creepy. After the church, Bibi and I came across a beautiful magnolia tree! After sakura trees, magnolias are my favourite, and this was the first magnolia I saw this year! I was so enchanted, that I called the magnolia flowers "dorang" - you can imagine Bibi's reaction, hehe!

Day 3 (with Leha): After picking up Leha (Bibi's friend and work collegue) from Tegel Airport, we went straight into sightseeing mode, since Leha was leaving the next evening. First stop, the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall. Bibi and Leha managed to covertly sign their names on the wall. Why covertly? That's a story for another day, hehe. Anyway, we then went to Alexander Platz to see the TV Tower and the Marx-Engel Forum, and walked towards Museum Island. The Bode Museum is finally open after renovations, we didn't go in but the building was definitely something to admire. Oh, yeah, managed to squeeze in some wacky poses for the camera - I've been well-trained by the Super Awesome Team, haha! After that, we picked up Mum and Dad to go for dinner at our favourite Lebanese restaurant, "Al-Reda" - I had my usual, chicken shawarma with rice - yummy! :9 Mum also brought some nice jelly desserts, they had seri kaya in them! Awesome!

Day 4 (with Leha): On Leha's second and last day in Berlin, we went on the usual Berlin trek from Potsdamer Platz all the way to Humboldt University via Unter den Linden. Other notable sites also included the Sony Centre, Jewish Memorial, Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate. We also watched a breakdancing/skateboarding act on Parisier Platz beside the gate - totally hot guys, what a plus for the day, hehe! Bibi caught them on videocam. Returning to Potsdamer Platz, we got on one of those bechas, my first time in Berlin. XD Went for gelato and waffles, a pre-dessert course before my mum's homecooked meal, hehe. Then we sent Leha off at the airport. Poor girl, her suitcase went missing! We blamed Terminal 3 in Heathrow, as most people do, haha. Never suspected it would be the German side, which it was! XD Luckily, they were able to track her case!

Day 5: Since we done most of the major sightseeing, we decided to take a leisurely walk towards Checkpoint Charlie and then, I brought Bibi to see the Brunei Embassy. We passed by the Mini showroom - both of us love this car! We sat around Gendarmenmarkt for a bit, then headed to Unter den Linden again to visit the Guggenheim Museum and the Berlin State Library. Bibi wanted to try out the U-Bahn once, so took that to go back home. Stopped for gelato yet again, Bibi tried burger and chips gelato, haha! Dinner was sushi with old UBD friends of Bibi's, one of whom happens to be one of the diplomatic officers.

Day 6: Bibi's last day in Berlin! Both of us wanted to see the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem. Mum tagged along since she's into flowers big-time. We spent most of the time taking photos with the sakura trees, haha! Like I said, sakuras are my favourite flowers. On the way to the Schoenefeld Airport, we stopped by the Turkish Mosque, my first time seeing it as well!

Right, that's it! I've almost caught up with my posting backlog! One more to go! After that, I shall be silent for a long time, haha! Just kidding! ;p Though some of you may have breathed a sigh of relief at the "silence" bit, I unfortunately have to disappoint you, nyahahaha! >:D Anyway, tune in for a special report tomorrow! Gute Nacht!


Rozi said...

yes :-p and everything else! Double :-p

liebe bibi said...

Hi rozi! haven't been going into your multiply lately, will do one of these days hehe..

lin! hehe malu ku ada vain pics ku kana post up... haha aduh.. kedapatan tia. well blogged! you have a good memory lah. btw my giotto is down to the last 2. boohoo..manner ku banyak masih tah pulang, funny. btw i message you now, alles letzte fotographie, bitte *peace*

dr.rin said...

@Rozi: hehe, gomen ne, Rozi-chan! ;p

@liebe bibi: if you're vain, then i'm triply vain, hehe! anyway, i think we're not bad as vain ppl go, haha! ;p anyway, i'm uploading the photos you wanted on my server at this very moment, will mail you the link later! tschuss! xxx

dr.rin said...

okay, this is just a test comment!