Ready, Set, Go!!!

Yeah, I'm finally over my jetlag after returning from Brunei - took me almost a month! Haha, but I'm serious. Reasons? Well, the moment I arrived in Berlin, I met with the 11 Bruneian students from Loughborough University in UK, they were staying with us during their visit. Two of them were my cousins, Jerry and Dk. Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend that much time with them since they were leaving the next evening - Ryanair cancelled their original flight which was meant to be the day after - ah, good ol' Ryanair, not! Then two days later, we had another group of 5 students from UK, two of which are my old neighbours from when we were living in Jalan Kebangsaan (which I was told is now nicknamed "Jalan Direktor" or was it "Bukit Direktor" - Rabz, Imah, correct me, hehe!). Anyway, they stayed about 5 days, enough time for me to pick up their bad habits (may elaborate later!), hehe - kidding, kidding! ;D When they left, mum and I flew a day later for a quick visit to Dublin, stayed with Christinah and Co. in Naas. Wahhh, three days is not enough, so much to do and too many friends (not that I'm complaining, haha!) to see. Fortunately, I had lots of time to bully my godchild and her little brother - haha, mean Auntie Lin! >:D And finally, when we got back to Berlin, two days later, Christinah's cousin, Bibi (a.k.a. Santie) came to stay with us for 6 days, while her friend, Leha flew over for a quick visit during that weekend. Yes, as you can see, there was no chance for my jetlag to subside till a few days ago. However, I don't regret the busy schedule at all, I got to meet lots of new people, did lots of new things, saw lots of new places, while also catching up with old friends.

So now that I'm all rested and ready to go - I'm going to do a clean-up of my blog backlog, which includes:
  • Bruneian Boy Band (about a group of 5 Bruneian guys studying in the UK, includes photos, haha!)
  • Aniki no otanjoubi (photos from my brother's 35th birthday celebration in Brunei)
  • L'boro Liaisons (some group photos from the Loughborough crowd!)
  • Super Awesome Team (about a bunch of crazy students who kept using the term "Super Awesome", haha!)
  • A bunch of cuties (you'll find out, hehe...)
  • Bibi in Berlin (about trigger-happy Bibi and also Genie-posing Leha - sorry, Leha, I was going for a post title with words starting with the same letters - I didn't forget you, though! XD)
  • Wedding of Zehra & Sehran (some photos from the wedding I attended last night - Zehra is Gülten's daughter, and Gülten is one of the local staff in our embassy in Germany, lovely lady!)
That should keep me busy for the next few days. I've also started back in the gym - did two consecutive classes yesterday, Fatburner, followed by Body Shape - haha, seriously, these classes sound like I'm getting plastic surgery done or something. Anyway, good workout, gym again tomorrow. Also, need to tidy and clean my extremely messy room! May go for a walk later, weather's so super awesome (ack, I'm starting to sound like the crew from the Super Awesome Team!), might sit and read a book in the park as well - hmmm, what should I read; Neil Gaiman's "Stardust", Book II of Fuyumi Ono's "The Twelve Kingdoms" or a trashy (not that this is a bad thing, haha!) romance novel? Well, I just finished Trudi Canavan's "The Black Magician" trilogy in like four days (Brilliant stuff!)! Maybe I'll opt for the trashy romance, haha! Right so, better head! At the request of some friends, I'm leaving you with a photo or two of another way I'm wearing my new permed hairstyle (still loving it!) - I know, I'm vain, hahaha! XD Enjoy!

Addendum [06.05.2008]: First of all, I have to apologise to Rabz, Imah & Huda for forgetting to thank them for pressur... i mean, encouraging (hehe!) me to perm my hair! Sorrrrrrryyyyyy, girls! I really thought I did say it in my last post, but it seems I made a mistake! :( Anyway, let me finally say it properly:



Rozi said...

You're lookin' lean in the picture Lin ;-)

Be'ah said...


haha. my exams are tomoro. i waaaaaaaaant to escapeeee it!!!

u forgot to mention that u owe us a thanx for pushing u to take that final step to perm ur hair =p

dr.rin said...

rozi: hehe, that's just the angle from which the photo was taken! XD

be'ah: oh my god! I thought I had already thanked you guys in my last post, but reading it again, I hadn't! I'm sooo sorry!!! So there is now an addendum to this post - check it out! So thank you so much again, you guys, for the positive pressure, hehe! [hugs] ps: lots of luck for your exams! xxx

Mystic said...

Is that the baju you bought in Brunei? Looks familiar and lawa lah! Hehehehe

dr.rin said...

mystic: yeah! that's the one! i love it! XD