Weekly Goals: Week 19 [2008]

Hmmm, as a reminder for myself, I decided to do a post at the end of each week, stating my weekly goals for the following week - this one should have been posted up last Sunday evening but ah well... Anyway, here are the goals for the week:

  • Monday: 30 mins treadmill, 30 mins cross-trainer, 10 mins rowing machine
  • Tuesday: 30 mins cross-trainer, Body Shape class
  • Wednesday: Fatburner class
  • Friday: 30 mins treadmill, 30 mins cross-trainer, 10 mins rowing machine, 10 mins stepper (not achieved - my excuse: headache, haha!)
  • Saturday: Fatburner & Body Shape classes
  • Weight loss: 1-2 kilos (sigh, only 1 kilo - need to change eating habits slightly!)
  • Blog: clean up backlog (at least 1 post)
  • Art: finish Aesthestic Tribute fanarts for Dec 2007
  • Presentation: prepare presentation about Ph.D. research
  • Websites: update TG Group member pages, prepare documents/source files for Jen & Christophe
  • Domestic chores: clean en-suite bathroom, tidy & clean bedroom, pack away unused items
  • Reading list: Book II of Fuyumi Ono's "The Twelve Kingdoms" (fantasy), Teresa Medeiros' "Lady of Conquest" (historical romance; a present from Si June!), Betty Neels' "Innocent Brides To Be" (modern romance) - Haha, it's the week for romance novels! Easy reading! XD
So I'll be striking off goals that have been achieved throughout the week and updating the progress bar at the same time. Next list of goals will be posted this Sunday evening!


liebe bibi said...

ich mag du progress bar. any news from Brunei?

dr.rin said...

mochtest du der Code? Ich kann eine E-Mail senden. XD No news, so contacted them today to enquire. They should be calling back in a few days, insyallah.

liebe bibi (hehe mau jua liebe) said...

ya bitte, danke schoen XD hehe ok den come come to London! hehehehehe