Weekly Goals: Week 21 [2008]

Ack, what's this?! Only 25% of my goals for this week was achieved??? [sigh] Well, there is a reason for it, spent most of the time blogging, and also on Thursday, I did my first Shape & Burn class - I overdid it, and now my lower back muscles are hurting like mad, doing the Fatburner class on Saturday almost killed me! :( So going to lay off strenuous exercise for several days till my back's better. And that special report will have to wait, sorry! Hence, my goals for Week 21 are as follows:

- update [22.05.2008]:
I had to change the fitness schedule since we're off to Frankfurt and Bonn on Saturday so today's routine has been moved to tomorrow (for packing purposes!) and Saturday's classes have been cancelled! Need to be better with fitness next week when I'm back in Berlin!
  • Friday: 30 mins cross-trainer, 30 mins treadmill, 8-10 mins rowing machine [X]
  • Food intake: no more than 20 WW points per day (on average!) [X]
  • Weight loss: 1 kilo (by watching my eating habits, hehe!) [X]
  • Blog: post special report
  • Art: finish Aesthestic Tribute fanarts for Dec 2007 and Mar/Apr 2008 [X]
  • Website: update TG Group member pages; prepare documents/source files for Jen & Christophe; update Manga Garden forum posts; update ari-rin.com
  • Domestic chores: tidy & clean bedroom [X]; pack away unused items
  • Reading list: Book II of Fuyumi Ono's "The Twelve Kingdoms" (fantasy); Neil Gaiman's "Stardust" (fantasy) [X]; documents on Health, Safety & Environment (factual) [X]
Okay, let's hope I'll achieve over 75% of goals this coming week! Tschuss!

Update [23.05.2008]: I decided to use [X] to indicate unachieved goals while strikeouts for achieved ones!


Doireann said...

hey Lin. Had a sneeky pic to see what ou'd been up to, but ad to say, your photo of your "current look"-you're looking great! xxx

dr.rin said...

thank-you! my friend bibi took that photo! :D