Photos: During my last trip to Brunei

I can be extremely lazy with the camera, sometimes I don't even use it at all when I'm back in Brunei. But last trip back, I did use it quite a bit, especially during Aniki's birthday and makan2 at Christinah's family home. By chance, she was back in Brunei the same time I was there. At the makan2, Erika was soooo exhausted playing with the other kids, when it was time to change for bed... well, you can see from the first photo, hehe. Actually, it looks a bit like Erika's being dragged along the floor by the back of her shirt, haha! XD I met Chris' sister, Amy again - the first and last time (before the makan2, that is!) I saw her was at Chris' wedding years back! Anyway, we hit it off so well, we have no qualms regarding friendly bickering, hehe. I also met Hasnita after such a long time, I'd forgotten she's Chris' cousin!

Anyway, I usually try to hang out with my family and friends as much as possible when I'm home. Meela and June are my regular hangout buddies, I've known them since Form 1! The photos below were taken at Coffee Bean in Gadong Centrepoint, and what do most Bruneians do when they're in a cafe with Wi-fi? Why, surf the net, of course! :p

I also try to meet up with Liza, Adeline and Ka Sur as much as possible. Rozi's a great gym buddy, though we also go shopping and hangout at Red Canopy a lot, Aniki's brilliant for belanja makan... well, belanja, fullstop, hehe! I started hanging out with Jus and Amy as well, will hopefully be doing more of that when I'm next back in Brunei. Didn't managed to see Siti since she's always crazy busy with work!

As most of you probably know, my usual hangout is the Red Canopy Cafe in Batu Bersurat, the owner is Rozi's cousin, Sophian (spelling?). The usual suspects (other than myself, Aniki and Rozi) are Fel, Wina, Serena (owner's sister) and Asyraf. Oh yeah, Ash lost a bet or something with Sophian - the penalty? Ash had to be a waiter for a day (without pay!) at the new foodcourt in Kiulap, also owned by Sophian. Haha, the outfit so suits him! >;p I doubt you'll see this again!

I did do other things last time I was back, but I've no photos to show for it, so I'll leave it at that. I can't wait for my next trip back to Brunei, hehe! XD

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