Photos: Second day in Frankfurt!

Just arrived back in Berlin several hours ago! Arrived home to the new manga I ordered from Amazon and we also went to Al-Reda for an early dinner (yummy!). Anyway, back to the original topic, here are some photos taken on the second day in Frankfurt. My mum, Auntie Zaiton, her son and I went for a walk. None of us did any research as to what was there to visit, but fortunately, there were quite a number of interesting sights along the route we took! Started from the hotel we were staying in (The Westin Grand - very niceee!), walked towards the river, there was a cool looking church across from where we were walking - not sure which church it is. Strolled along the river till we got to a huge pedestrian bridge going over it. Didn't go over it, though. Decided to go back towards the hotel, using a different route. On the way, we came across Roemer (the city hall), the Archaeological Garden (on Domhuegel) and finally, the famous Frankfurt Cathedral (a.k.a. St Bartholomeus' Cathedral). Unfortunately, part of the cathedral was under renovation so I only got a photo of the top section! :( Anyway, I like Frankfurt, but I'm a bit of a city girl. It feels a bit different from Berlin, more huge modern buildings, more cosmopolitan... but I still like Berlin a lot, haha! Well, that's it about Berlin.

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."

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