Occasion: Der Geburtstag von Bibi

Just a quick post to wish Bibi (a.k.a. Santie) "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag" (i.e. Happy Birthday!) - hmmm, not sure how old she is, but she's younger than me, sooo jealous! XD

Anyway, Bibi dear, hope you're having a great day, as good a day (or even better!) as the day we were so sakai about the sakura trees, haha! XD Oh yeah, sorry, no present this time! You luan jauh, hehe! ;p

Bah, take care! You're a year older! Haha, am I mean or what?! >;D Main2 saja ye!

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Liebe Bibi said...

hiluuu Haslin.. i dun tink i have the final day pics... i think... hehe anyway thank you (danke schoen.. atu jua ganya yang ku pandai haha).. i still is the feeling young at the heartings so, age doesn't matter to me hehehehe come come to london!!!