Photos: A bunch of cuties!

My mum and I flew to Dublin late April for a 3-day trip! We were staying at Christinah's - hired a car for the visit. When we arrived at the house in Naas during the night, I got the shock of my life. Just as I was about to ring the bell, the door swung open to reveal an extremely tall person wearing a brown tudong and green galabeyah (that's what it's called in Egypt, anyway!). I thought I got the wrong house, when I realised it was Andy, Chris' husband! Tekajutku eh! Apparently, he was going to a relative's 21st birthday party which was fancy dress! Entah where he got the idea to wear that outfit, haha! Anyway, had a good laugh about it!

However, the title of this post isn't meant for Andy in his outrageous costume. One wouldn't call him a cutie in that gear, haha! >;p No, the title post is meant to reflect my wonderful ever-so-cute goddaughter, Erika and her ever-so-cute little brother, Aaron. I didn't manage to get many photos, just the few you see above. Now these two are DEFINITELY a bunch of cuties! Must have gotten the cuteness from the mum! Kidding, Andy, kidding, hahaha! XD

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