Weekly Goals: Week 20 [2008]

[sigh] Only got 56% of my goals done for Week 19. Must try to do better the following week!!! So here are goals for Week 20:

  • Wednesday: Fatburner class
  • Thursday: Shape & Burn class
  • Friday: Body Shape class (didn't go - lower back muscle pain!)
  • Saturday: Fatburner & Body Shape classes (didn't go to Body Shape class - muscle pain got worst after Fatburner class!)
  • Sunday: Shape & Burn class (decided to take a break to ease muscle pain!)
  • Weight loss: at least 1 kilo
  • Blog: clean up backlog (at least 2 post)
  • Art: finish Aesthestic Tribute fanarts for Dec 2007 and Mar/Apr 2008
  • Websites: update TG Group member pages, prepare documents/source files for Jen & Christophe
  • Domestic chores: tidy & clean bedroom, pack away unused items
  • Reading list: Book II of Fuyumi Ono's "The Twelve Kingdoms" (fantasy), documents on Health, Safety & Environment
Right, it's pretty late so off to bed! Oyasuminasai!

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