Photos: Wedding of Zehra & Sehran

On May 3rd, we attended the wedding of Zehra, the daughter of Gülten (one of the embassy's local staff). The wedding is a mixture of Bulgarian and Turkish traditions, since Zehra is Bulgarian and her new husband, Sehran, was half Bulgarian and half Turkish, or so I've been informed. ;p The food was nice and the live music... well, I'm sure it was great, but because ever since the posting in Egypt, my mum has been watching lots of Middle Eastern music channels (and thus, torturing me at the same time!), I'm now a bit fed up with that type of music. It's the same as when my dad used to play country music every morning while driving me and my brother to school... and insanity, haha! However, I did overcome my slight sasakness later in the evening and went to dance a bit to Bulgarian music, hehe. Anyway, the wedding ended on a wonderful note for us! Oh yeah, I've been messing around with Picasa and created a collage, instead of posting the individual photos. What do you think? Should I keep doing this? It does make life a tad... well, more than a tad bit easier, hehe. Let me know! For now, tschusssssssssssss!

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