Photos: L'boro Liaisons

If you've read several posts back, you'd know that I arrived to a group of 11 Bruneian students from Loughborough University, UK, on the day I returned to Berlin from my Brunei trip! Haha, not that I didn't know about their visit! Anyway, two of them were my cousins, Jerry and Dk, both are in the second photo of the collage below. As I said before, I didn't get a chance to spend much time with them as they were flying the next evening. :( Plus, I don't know if I was good company, seeing that I was suffering from jetlag (fell asleep at the cinema, even though I was the one who suggested going, hehe!). I think the students had a good time, they're addicted to karaoke, that's for sure, haha! I also got a cool L'boro Uni hoody as a gift - love it! Thanks, guys! And Dk, thanks so much again for the Starbucks England mug - I owe you one! My friend says thanks as well, hehe! XD Jerry, are you still as tanned as that time??? Also, I want to thank Mas for the photos - "stole" them off her facebook album, hehe! Anyway, lots of luck for your exams, everyone! :D

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