Photos: Break in Bonn!

We stayed in Bonn for two nights, but I didn't take many photos. Bonn's smaller than I expected, not in a bad way. Since it was the capital of Germany before Berlin, I just expected something larger and more industrial. Instead, Bonn reminds me more of a university city, like Cambridge and even Dublin - hence, I love it! And what's more, it is served by a brilliant public transport service, which was really lacking in Dublin, hehe! The size of the city is just right, I think and very green! I got a chance to see the University of Bonn in some detail, thanks to long2! I love the university, it reminds me so much of Trinity College Dublin, it's making me miss it a lot! Along the river, we came across a sundial which had the names of major cities on it and Dublin was there, so I reminisced yet again! Our stay in Bonn was both fun and tiring. Why tiring? Because we had to move hotels. The first night we stayed at the Dorint Hotel, up on a hill somewhere and near a forest! It was far from the city centre but so very relaxing, despite the "altmodisch" environment! The second night we stayed in the Maritim Hotel, fancier but extremely hectic as there was a huge UN convention being hosted there. So much security and thousands of people around! Along with Si long, I met up with Maarten and Nadine, so happy! Well, a little sad as well, since it's become obvious that my German has deteriorated! Ich muss wiederholen!!! I'll hit the books once I'm back in Brunei! Anyway, it was great seeing them again, will try my best to keep in touch with them! Nadine and I are online tandem partners. She'll help me with German and I'll help her with English, hehe! Well, onto my last post about my short holiday! xxx

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard."

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